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Meet NOVA, for next generation DAS management

Redefining DAS network management

Specialized DAS equipment integrations that seamlessly scale to accommodate up to 1 million devices. Leverage advanced analytics for in-depth insights into your DAS network’s performance.

Integrated ticketing with NOVA

Providing real time insights into your network’s performance and enabling proactive issue resolution. Our solution includes an integrated ticketing system that simplifies issue resolution, streamlining problem reporting and ensuring swift resolution for uninterrupted operations.


The number of devices connected to Errigal monitoring equipment


The number of alarms per day managed by Errigal software


The number of devices currently managed with Errigal software

VenueView solution for high value venues

Introducing the latest innovation in network management and monitoring visualization

Improved insights & visualization

Stadium View’s integration with our network management solutions creates a powerful synergy, revolutionizing your venue’s connectivity and operational efficiency.

Seamless network visibility

With seamless integration, Stadium View provides real-time network visibility, ensuring enhanced network performance. This integration empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize network connectivity, and create an uninterrupted and satisfying experience for guests.

2024 network platform overview guide

Download our network monitoring platform brochure

Take a deep dive into NOVA's network monitoring features and capabilities with this comprehensive overview guide

AirScan Network Device

Pioneering the future of network testing and user experience with Errigal’s AirScan device

Fixing The Biggest Problem With DAS Systems

Errigal Airscan ensures seamless DAS monitoring with multi-carrier monitoring, proactive alerts, and in-depth insights for comprehensive network analysis.

Revolutionize Network Testing

Discover how Errigal’s Airscan device transforms RF coverage performance testing, bridging the gap in understanding the mobile user experience and optimizing network performance.

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