Elevate Your RF Hardware with Errigal’s Advanced Software Solutions

Discover how Errigal’s advanced software solutions can transform your RF hardware, elevating its capabilities and market performance. Transcend traditional hardware limitations and embrace a future of enhanced performance and innovation in RF product manufacturing.

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Why Choose Errigal: Enhancing RF Hardware with Superior Software

RF Product Manufacturers’ Dilemma: Balancing Hardware and Software

Hardware Excellence: Mid-sized RF product manufacturers excel in hardware engineering, creating top-tier products that are competitive in quality and design.

Software Shortage Challenge: Despite hardware expertise, many such manufacturers, lack the extensive software development resources necessary to fully realize their hardware’s potential.

Impact of Imbalance: This disparity in software capabilities often limits your ability to compete effectively with larger, more resource-rich industry players.

Errigal’s Solution: Elevate Your Marketing Position With a Competitive Edge in Software

Expert Software Team: Errigal Inc. provides a crucial edge with our seasoned software professionals, capable of enhancing your existing hardware capabilities.

Ready-to-Implement Software Solutions: We offer robust, ready-to-implement software solutions in device management and EMS, streamlining integration with your hardware for immediate impact.

Proven Success: Our effective approach has already significantly helped companies like SOLiD and Airgain, showcasing our ability to transform hardware potential into market success.

Why Choose Errigal: Enhancing RF Hardware with Superior Software

Element Management System (EMS): Optimal Network Performance

Errigal DAS management platform

Auto-discovery: EMS efficiently aggregates and organizes data from network elements, offering RF manufacturers a comprehensive network view. It robustly manages over 2 million alarms, ensuring network stability and reliability.


Neutral Host: Ideal for RF manufacturers, our Neutral Host design facilitates streamlined management of equipment and alarms for various carriers, enhancing network management efficiency on shared systems.


Configuration Discovery: With our Remote Discover Framework (RDF), RF manufacturers can easily identify and manage all configurable device parameters. This feature simplifies configuration tasks and secures modifications, reducing manual effort.


Performance Monitoring: RDF also tracks key performance metrics like temperature and power usage, essential for RF manufacturers to maintain optimal device operation and for proactive maintenance alerts.


Alarm Management: Our comprehensive alarm discovery extends beyond standard SNMP traps, preventing network sync issues and outages, a crucial feature for the reliability of RF products.


Topology Visualization: Understand the interconnections of network devices with our Topology Discovery tool, automatically organizing device hierarchy, which is vital for RF manufacturers in managing complex networks.

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