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Errigal is an enterprise software company specializing in network operation automization and management. Our tool is designed as a unified solution to handle multi-vendor and multi-industry challenges. With two decades of experience, we are the go to leaders in this space when it comes to mult-vendor and multi-industry challenges

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Padraig Tobin – Founder & CEO

Padraig Tobin is a longstanding veteran of the Wireless Telecom industry. He started with Motorola during the explosive growth of wireless telecommunications. Over the years he has become a recognized industry expert in wireless telecommunications on both the technology and business side and has worked with Verizon, Sprint, Clearnet, and many others in order to develop their networks. Padraig has a BSEE from University College Dublin, Ireland, a M.Ed from Harvard University, and an MBA from Columbia University.


The number of devices connected to Errigal monitoring equipment


The number of alarms per day managed by Errigal software


The number of devices currently managed with Errigal software

Stephen Shotts – Co-Founder & CTO

Stephen Shotts is a wireless telecommunications professional with years of RF and Network Engineering experience between employments at Nortel and Nextel. During the first dot com boom, Stephen decided to leverage his work experience and passion for software development to bring carrier-grade Engineering and Operations tools to market. Stephen earned a BSEE from Virginia Tech and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

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Errigal is an enterprise software company, with two decades of experience, specializing in network operation automization and management


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