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Introducing NOC in-a-Box: Errigal’s all-encompassing solution revolutionizes network operations, enhancing precision, efficiency, and reliability


Empower Your NOC: Packed with Alarming, Ticketer, Maps, Workflows, and Reports, our platform streamlines operations, reduces noise, and ensures peak performance. Contact us to experience the future of NOC automation

Errigal NOC software

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Errigal’s NOC Software Features

Your NOC, All In One View

Say goodbye to fragmented tools and data overload. NOC in-a-Box brings everything you need onto a single, powerful dashboard. Features include:

Search Bars: Easily locate critical information within your network.

Ticket Counts: Stay on top of tasks and priorities with ticket counts.

Comprehensive Reports: Access a variety of reports, graphs, and performance data.

Real-time Mapping: Visualize your network, complete with weather overlays and fire alerts.

Configuration Data: Access vital network configuration details.

Alarming: Stay informed with color-coded alarm severity and instant alerts.

Effortless NOC Management

Managing a bustling NOC has never been this streamlined. NOC in-a-Box equips your team with a suite of features designed for ease:

Noise Reduction: Cut through the clutter and focus on critical tasks. 

Automation: Effortlessly create and manage tickets, auto-assigned and color-coded by severity.

Customization: Tailor your NOC with ignore rules, search functions, and alarm suppression.

Efficient Ticket Handling: Benefit from custom grace periods and manual ticket creation options.

Simplify Reporting

Errigal’s modern reporting tool takes the complexity out of data analysis:

Multiple Report Options: Choose from a range of reports to meet your needs.

Automatic Scheduling: Set reports to run and distribute automatically to individuals or groups.

Easy Export: Seamlessly export reports in various formats.

Interactive Reports: Modify and interact with data effortlessly for deeper insights.

Empower Your Workflow

Harness the true power of automation through custom workflows:

Workflow Automation: Create custom workflows with ease.

Ticket Assignment: Automate ticket assignment to individuals or groups.

Escalation and Accountability: Define escalation paths and ensure accountability.

Easy Modification: Modify workflows effortlessly and add functionality as needed.

One Stop Shop For NOC Broadcast

Errigal’s modern reporting tool takes the complexity out of data analysis:

Visual Network Overview: Get a holistic view of your network’s health.

Alarm Severity Coding: Quickly identify and respond to network alarms.

Real-time Ticket Status: Stay updated on ticket statuses in real-time.

Weather Insights: Leverage weather overlays and warnings.

Fiber Network Details: Access vital fiber network information instantly.

Complete NOC Automation

Harness the true power of automation through custom workflows:

Triage Automation: Streamline alarm triage processes for faster issue resolution.

Knowledge Base: Access a repository of repair remedies for efficient problem solving.

Instant Repairs: Address system issues promptly and effectively. 

Automatic Dispatch: Initiate automatic dispatching of repair technicians when necessary.


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Benefits of NOC-in-a-Box

By adopting NOC in-a-Box, you unlock a multitude of benefits:

OPEX Reduction: Streamline operations to reduce operational expenses.

Automation: Leverage automation to boost productivity.

Noise Reduction: Eliminate the distractions of data noise.

Standardization: Ensure consistent and standardized operations.

Revenue Increase: Optimize your network for increased revenue opportunities.

Scalable Solution: Achieve cost-effective scalability, ensuring optimal performance as your network grows.

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