IDMS product suite of network monitoring applications

Errigal’s IDMS Product Suite of Applications serves as the go-to network management platform for thousands of users worldwide. With minimal outage times and robust capabilities, it’s the ideal network management platform for high-demand networks

idms network monitoring platform

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Element management system

SNMP-based monitoring utility for DAS and multi-vendor networks, offering real-time alarms and configuration management

NOC portal

Customizable web portal for live status updates and outage information, supporting Neutral Host environments with carrier-specific equipment visibility

Reporting manager

Instant access to live statistical reporting and automated report generation for your wireless network through our user-friendly dashboard

Errigal network management platform

SNMP manager

Errigal’s SNMP Manager tool seamlessly connects vendor-neutral elements, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate network overview


Errigal’s Ticketer simplifies ticket creation with automated and manual options, all easily customized through user-friendly tools


Elevate your venue’s connectivity and operations with seamless integration, real-time insights, increased connectivity, and swift issue resolution

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