SNMP Manager Solutions For Enhanced Network Visibility


Decades of Reliable Service: For over two decades, Errigal’s SNMP Manager has connected various mobile telecommunication site elements, delivering a comprehensive network overview, irrespective of the carrier.


Flexible Device Monitoring: Monitor additional applications and devices with ease by loading a MIB file or creating a custom one.

Errigals SNMP Manager for network monitoring


The number of devices connected to Errigal monitoring equipment


The number of alarms per day managed by Errigal software


The number of devices currently managed with Errigal software

Components of our SNMP Manager

Fault Management

Customizable Alerts: Tailor alerts to your specific network needs, using simple scripting language and Management Information Bases (MIBs).

Live Updates: Get real-time updates on fault conditions, ensuring rapid response to network issues.

Hierarchical Organization: Access and manage data graphically and hierarchically, simplifying network monitoring and troubleshooting.

Northbound Interfaces: Create highly customizable northbound interfaces for business and network management requirements.

Neutral Host Support

Component-Level Access: Provide carriers and integrators with access to equipment and alarms down to the component alarm level.

Enhanced Collaboration: Foster collaborative efforts among multiple carriers on shared systems, while maintaining network-wide integrity.

Custom Roles: Assign roles and permissions tailored to each user’s responsibilities.

Data Segmentation: Ensure data is visible only to authorized users, enhancing security.

Live Updates

Real-Time Visibility: Monitor and address network issues in real-time with constantly updating views.

Customization Controls: Utilize customizable controls and filters to focus on the most pertinent information precisely when you need it.

Integrated Notifications: Receive instant alerts for critical network events, enabling swift response.

Multi-Device Monitoring: Simultaneously monitor multiple SNMP-enabled devices for comprehensive oversight.

Custom Device Integration

Diverse Device Support: Seamlessly integrate SNMP-enabled devices from a wide range of manufacturers.

OEM Compatibility: Benefit from support for various OEMs, ensuring your network is equipped for diverse device types.

Scalable Solutions: Add SNMP-enabled devices effortlessly to meet your evolving network monitoring needs.

Automatic Discovery: Streamline device integration with automated discovery of SNMP parameters and configurations.

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