SNMP Manager Solutions For Enhanced Network Visibility

For over two decades, Errigal’s SNMP Manager has connected various mobile telecommunication site elements, delivering a comprehensive network overview, irrespective of the carrier. Monitor additional applications and devices with ease by loading a MIB file or creating a custom one.

snmp manager for network monitoring

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Components of our SNMP Manager

Fault Management

Customizable Alerts: Tailor alerts to your specific network needs, using simple scripting language and Management Information Bases (MIBs).

Live Updates: Get real-time updates on fault conditions, ensuring rapid response to network issues.

Hierarchical Organization: Access and manage data graphically and hierarchically, simplifying network monitoring and troubleshooting.

Northbound Interfaces: Create highly customizable northbound interfaces for business and network management requirements.

Neutral Host Support

Component-Level Access: Provide carriers and integrators with access to equipment and alarms down to the component alarm level.

Enhanced Collaboration: Foster collaborative efforts among multiple carriers on shared systems, while maintaining network-wide integrity.

Custom Roles: Assign roles and permissions tailored to each user’s responsibilities.

Data Segmentation: Ensure data is visible only to authorized users, enhancing security.

Live Updates

Real-Time Visibility: Monitor and address network issues in real-time with constantly updating views.

Customization Controls: Utilize customizable controls and filters to focus on the most pertinent information precisely when you need it.

Integrated Notifications: Receive instant alerts for critical network events, enabling swift response.

Multi-Device Monitoring: Simultaneously monitor multiple SNMP-enabled devices for comprehensive oversight.

Custom Device Integration

Diverse Device Support: Seamlessly integrate SNMP-enabled devices from a wide range of manufacturers.

OEM Compatibility: Benefit from support for various OEMs, ensuring your network is equipped for diverse device types.

Scalable Solutions: Add SNMP-enabled devices effortlessly to meet your evolving network monitoring needs.

Automatic Discovery: Streamline device integration with automated discovery of SNMP parameters and configurations.

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