AirScan Device for RF coverage testing

Transforms RF coverage performance testing, bridging the gap in understanding the mobile user experience and optimizing network performance.

With AirScan, empower your network to deliver seamless connectivity by monitoring critical performance metrics, automating ticket creation, and receiving ongoing support and updates for peak performance.

Organisations growing with Errigal’s DAS monitoring software

Fixing the Biggest Problem with DAS Monitoring

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Wi-Fi systems can detect basic faults, but they often fail to determine if users can freely use their phones or access the internet. Errigal AirScan addresses this critical gap in understanding by providing comprehensive testing for Multi-Carrier DAS and Wi-Fi systems.

Why Choose Our Custom Device Management Software

Closing the Gap: Testing with AirScan bridges the gap in understanding the mobile user experience.

Key Metrics & KPIs: Monitor critical performance indicators for LTE and Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Testing: Validate domain name resolution, simulate login to landing pages, assess signal strength, noise, and conduct throughput tests.

LTE Testing: Monitor various LTE metrics including RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, RSSNR, Cell ID, EARFCN, throughput, and cycle through carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

Auto-Ticket Creation: Automatically create tickets for performance breaches.


The number of devices connected to Errigal monitoring equipment


The number of alarms per day managed by Errigal software


The number of devices currently managed with Errigal software

2024 network platform overview guide

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Errigal Support For Airscan


Seamless Integration: Turnkey remote configuration and integration into the Errigal IDMS platform in the Cloud.


Comprehensive Support: Benefit from ongoing hardware and software support.


Regular Updates: Receive multiple software version updates per year.


Performance Metrics: Collect key metrics for informed decision-making.


Dashboards and Reports: Access a suite of dashboards and reports for network insights.


Configuration Tools: Fine-tune performance tests with a full set of configuration tools.


Alerting and Ticketing: Set up automatic alerting or ticketing based on performance failures.


Warranty: Enjoy a full hardware replacement warranty for 5 years.

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