Ticketer For Workflow Automation

Streamline your operations, automate processes, and reduce manual tasks with Errigal’s IDMS Ticketer, boosting overall efficiency. You can design custom forms effortlessly and integrate them with external services and databases, enabling smooth information transfer and task coordination among team members.

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Ticketer Functionality

Form Architecture Tool: Leverage the IDMS Ticketer’s user-friendly form architecture tool to design customized forms. This tool automatically generates supporting databases, tables, and advanced workflow mechanisms as you create forms, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in data collection.

Effortless Workflow Management: Seamlessly coordinate your operations and automate processes with the Ticketer. Reduce manual tasks and scheduling, enhancing overall efficiency and ensuring smoother workflows.

Customizable Notifications: Enable customizable email and text notifications to keep your team informed about new work orders and ticket escalations. These notifications improve communication and ensure that everyone stays up-to-date.

Preventative Maintenance & Watchdog Alerts

Preventive Maintenance Tracking: Effectively track preventive maintenance using customizable checklists for work items. These checklists can be completed on smart devices and scheduled based on the last completion date, ensuring proactive maintenance.

Detailed Maintenance Reports: Access detailed preventive maintenance reports tailored for carriers. These reports offer independent tracking of field technicians and guarantee the proper maintenance of network elements.

Watchdog Alert Tickets: Customize watchdog events to detect unusual scenarios that might not trigger standard alarms. Address irregular occurrences, including deviations in performance or configuration values, unexpected inactivity, high-priority network downtime, and unacknowledged tickets swiftly and effectively.

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Streamline Your Operations With Ticketer

Ticketer allows you to streamline and optimize your operations with automated workflows, reducing costs and enhancing collaboration across teams


Automate Workflows: Achieve greater efficiency by automating tasks and approvals.


Reduce Costs: Minimize IT development costs with our intuitive and customizable solution.


Enhance Collaboration: Facilitate intergroup collaboration and management approvals.


Seamless Integration: Easily integrate custom forms and workflows with external services and databases.


Effortless Design: Design custom forms with a simple click-and-insert process.


Cross-Team Information Sharing: Transfer information and tasks seamlessly among team members.

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