Unlock Enhanced Monitoring With RTU Port Expansion Unit


Unlock Scalable Monitoring: Expand your network monitoring capabilities effortlessly with Errigal’s RTU Port Expansion Unit (PEU), designed for scalability and ease of installation.


Enhanced Environmental Insights: Gain immediate insights into your network’s environment with pre-wired temperature, door, and humidity sensors, providing you with comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

RTU port expansion unit - network monitoring hardware

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Key Benefits This offers

Scalability: The RTU PEU allows you to grow your network monitoring infrastructure by supporting up to 80 RTU devices. Ensure your monitoring capabilities can keep up with your network’s expansion.

Effortless Connectivity: Utilize standard CAT5/CAT6 cables to connect all your devices. This standardized connection method ensures reliability and simplifies the installation process.

Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring: Pre-wired sensors for temperature, door, and humidity provide real-time environmental insights. Each port can accommodate up to 8 sensors, ensuring you have all the data you need.

Why Choose The RTU Port Expansion Unit

Expand Monitoring Capabilities: Stay ahead of your network’s growth by increasing the number of devices you can monitor. With support for up to 80 RTU devices, the RTU PEU ensures your network is fully covered.

Effortless Installation: Standardized CAT5/CAT6 cabling makes installation a breeze, reducing setup time and minimizing potential issues.

Environmental Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your network’s environment with pre-wired sensors. Monitor temperature, door access, and humidity, allowing you to proactively address environmental issues.

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