Telecom Network Management Solutions

Our expertise in telecom network management, fault detection, IoT integration, and smart grid solutions empowers telecommunications companies to optimize their operations, enhance network performance, and reduce costs effectively.

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Telecom Network Management Solutions By Industry Needs

Explore how Errigal’s comprehensive solutions cater to specific industry needs, providing enhanced performance, efficiency, and reliability for diverse sectors

Fiber Optics

Track & Monitor Fiber Assets: Errigal’s Fiber Asset Manager simplifies monitoring, offering real-time statistics and insights.

Location-Accurate Management: Manage underground and aerial fiber deployments with precise location information.

Proactive Fault Detection: Detect and locate fiber issues with detailed fault alerts and maintenance tracking.

IoT Device Management

IoT Device Integration: Seamlessly integrate diverse IoT devices, enhancing security, metrics, user management, and configuration.

User-Friendly Interface: Monitor device status, alarms, data, settings, and more via our cloud platform on your smartphone.

Scalable Solutions: Benefit from our economies of scale, managing a platform for hundreds of thousands of devices with extensive functionality.

Smart Grid IoT Solutions

Efficient IoT Data: Optimize smart grid bandwidth, creating secure channels for data transport between endpoints and servers.

Remote Device Processing: Process end-device data remotely, transmitting only when needed, and support multiple protocols.

IoT Compatibility: Our solutions are compatible with various protocols, including DNP3 and MODBUS.

Smart Grid Operations

Enhanced AMI Control: Simplify real-time data acquisition, detect inefficiencies, streamline meter management, and monitor data traffic.

Real-time Notifications: Receive instant updates on system conditions, enhancing grid stability and reducing costs.

AMI Network Integration: Expertise in integrating different AMI vendors reduces manual monitoring needs.

Network Management

Reliable Network Monitoring: Our tested network monitoring software handles high traffic levels with reliability.

Enhanced DAS Solutions: Comprehensive DAS solutions with standardized alarms, precise metrics, integrated ticketing, and reporting.

Universal Management Platform: Monitor over 50,000 DAS nodes worldwide, serving various industries.

RFID Wireless

Efficient Asset Tracking: Enable regulatory compliance and improved asset management with our RFID solution.

Bandwidth-Constrained Networks: Collect RFID tag info over constrained wireless networks, enhancing asset inventory management.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Achieve cost savings, efficiency, and regulatory compliance with our RFID use cases.


Streamlined Network Management: Save time and money with Errigal’s wireless network management solutions.

5G and Beyond: Manage the complexities of 5G networks, including Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), small cells, and pico-cells.

Increased Network Performance: Detect coverage gaps and network issues with our wireless network monitoring software.

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