NOC Portal For Centralized Network Management


Unlock Network Efficiency: Experience streamlined wireless network management with Errigal’s NOC Portal, designed to provide precise control over dynamic multi-carrier environments.


Centralized Control: Harness the power of centralized network data management, empowering engineers to make informed decisions and enhance coverage across evolving network elements.

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Organizations That Have Benefited From Errigal's Network Monitoring Solutions

Organizations That Have Benefited From Errigal's Network Monitoring Solutions

 NOC Portal For Improved Network Management

Neutral Host Support:

Tailored for multi-carrier environments, the NOC Portal ensures secure access control, granting authorized users component-level access to alarms, tickets, and network data

Powerful Data Visualizations:

Enhance network monitoring with overlays and data integration, providing valuable insights such as weather radar and fiber optic network status

Customized Network Maps:

Visualize your network’s real-world layout with satellite maps and GPS data, offering a live-updating geographic view of entire networks and customizable clusters.

Constant Updates and Communication:

Prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering on-demand network and alarm status updates, outage notifications, and ticket updates through a user-friendly interface

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