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Errigal’s Element Management System (EMS) empowers you to effortlessly oversee network elements through a user-friendly interface, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Discover the power of EMS with its auto-discovery, neutral host capabilities, configuration, performance, and alarm discovery, alongside topology exploration for a holistic network management experience

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Element Management System (EMS) Overview


EMS collects, consolidates, and normalizes data from network elements, providing a hierarchical view for Network Management Systems (NMS). Its robust hardware architecture handles alarm storms, queueing over 2,000,000 alarms, ensuring network stability and reliability.

Neutral Host

Our Neutral Host design allows Carriers and Integrators access to their equipment and alarms down to a component alarm level, streamlining network management for multiple carriers on a shared system.

Configuration Discovery

Simplify device configuration with the Remote Discover Framework (RDF). It discovers all configurable parameters, tracks changes, and provides a secure interface for modifications, reducing labor-intensive tasks.

Performance Discovery

Monitor device performance effortlessly with the Remote Discover Framework, capturing statistical data such as temperature, throughput, and power consumption for trend analysis and alerts.

Alarm Discovery

 Ensure comprehensive alarm coverage by connecting to devices beyond SNMP traps. Avoid network desynchronization and prolonged outages with this essential feature.

Topology Discovery

Discover and visualize network devices and their relationships with the Topology Discovery feature, automating device hierarchy within IDMS.

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