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Optimize Tower Infrastructure: Explore Errigal’s solutions for carriers and tower companies. Elevate your tower infrastructure management for peak performance.


Real-time Insights, Proactive Control: Gain real-time insights and control. Manage tower assets, CRAN, ODAS, and traffic efficiently with Errigal’s advanced platform.

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Carrier / Tower Infrastructure Management Solutions

Eerrigal offers carrier and tower companies a suite of robust solutions designed to manage every aspect of their networks efficiently and effectively

Tower Lights, Generators, RTU’s

Efficient Management: Tower lights, generators, and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) play a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted network operations. Errigal’s solutions are designed to streamline the management of these critical assets. With our platform, you can efficiently monitor, control, and maintain tower lights, generators, and RTUs across your network infrastructure.

Remote Monitoring: Our platform offers real-time remote monitoring capabilities, allowing you to access essential data and status updates for tower lights, generators, and RTUs from anywhere. This remote visibility ensures that you can promptly respond to issues and optimize the performance of these assets.

Alarm Handling: Timely response to alarms and critical issues is essential to minimize downtime and maintain network reliability. Errigal’s tower infrastructure management solutions provide robust alarm handling features, offering instant alerts and notifications when problems arise. This proactive approach enables you to address issues swiftly, reducing the impact on network operations.

CRAN (Centralized Radio Access Network)

Centralized Control: Managing a Centralized Radio Access Network (CRAN) can be complex due to the interconnected nature of the components. Errigal’s solutions simplify CRAN management by providing a centralized control platform. This centralization enhances network efficiency, allowing you to optimize resource allocation and network performance.

Resource Optimization: CRAN systems require careful resource management to deliver optimal performance and coverage. Errigal’s platform enables you to make data-driven decisions to allocate resources effectively. By optimizing your CRAN resources, you can ensure consistent network quality and user satisfaction.

Real-time Monitoring: Real-time monitoring is essential for maintaining the health of your CRAN components. Errigal’s solutions offer comprehensive real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing you to detect issues as they arise. With instant visibility into CRAN performance, you can take proactive measures to resolve problems and optimize traffic flow.

ODAS (Outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems)

Comprehensive ODAS Management: Outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (ODAS) are critical for extending network coverage to outdoor areas. Errigal’s solutions provide comprehensive ODAS management, ensuring that you can efficiently plan, deploy, and maintain these networks. Whether you’re expanding coverage or troubleshooting issues, our platform has you covered.

Network Expansion: As network demands grow, the need for ODAS network expansion becomes inevitable. Errigal’s solutions facilitate seamless network expansion by offering tools and insights to manage ODAS deployments effectively. With our platform, you can ensure that your network is ready to meet the evolving needs of your users.

Troubleshooting: Rapid identification and resolution of issues within the ODAS system are essential to maintaining network performance. Errigal’s platform empowers you with troubleshooting capabilities that help you quickly identify and address problems. This proactive approach ensures that your ODAS network consistently delivers reliable coverage.

System Performance Traffic

Traffic Analysis: Effective traffic analysis is key to optimizing system performance. Errigal’s solutions provide in-depth traffic analysis tools, allowing you to gain insights into network usage patterns. By analyzing traffic data, you can make informed decisions to improve network efficiency and user experience.

Performance Metrics: Access to real-time performance metrics is vital for monitoring network health. Errigal’s platform offers comprehensive performance metrics, enabling you to track the performance of your network elements. These metrics help you gauge the system’s health, identify bottlenecks, and plan for improvements.

Network Enhancement: Armed with data-driven insights from our platform, you can proactively enhance system performance. Whether it involves optimizing resource allocation, addressing network congestion, or improving routing, Errigal’s solutions empower you to make the necessary enhancements to deliver an exceptional user experience.


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