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Enhance Data Center Resilience: Empower your data center with Errigal’s advanced network monitoring software, ensuring uninterrupted operations through proactive generator, power plant, and HVAC system management.


Optimize Energy Efficiency: Leverage Errigal’s software to monitor and fine-tune your data center’s power usage, temperature control, and UPS systems, reducing costs and environmental impact while maximizing performance and reliability.

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Optimizing Data Centers Network Management Operations

Eerrigal offers carrier and tower companies a suite of robust solutions designed to manage every aspect of their networks efficiently and effectively


Proactive Monitoring: Errigal’s software offers real-time generator status monitoring, ensuring preparedness during power outages. Early detection of irregularities prevents unexpected downtime.

Predictive Maintenance: Our software predicts maintenance needs by analyzing historical data, reducing downtime and extending generator life.

Remote Access: Operators can remotely monitor, receive alerts, and control generators, ensuring quick issue resolution without on-site visits.

Power Systems

Performance Optimization: Track power system performance for energy efficiency, load balancing, and cost reduction.

Cost Management: Analyze power consumption patterns to optimize operations and reduce energy costs.

Alerts and Notifications: Instant alerts notify operators of anomalies, allowing proactive issue resolution.

HVAC Systems

Temperature Control: Monitor temperature continuously, making real-time HVAC adjustments when necessary to prevent equipment overheating.

Energy Efficiency: Analyze HVAC system efficiency to identify energy-saving opportunities, optimizing airflow and temperature settings.

Scalable Solutions: Our software provides guidance for scaling HVAC solutions as data centers grow, ensuring efficient cooling.

Temperature Control

Environmental Insights: Beyond temperature, our software tracks humidity, air quality, and airflow, maintaining an ideal equipment environment.

Proactive Alerts: Real-time temperature alerts prevent equipment overheating, reducing the risk of hardware failures.

Performance Optimization: Analyze historical temperature data to continuously optimize temperature control, reducing cooling costs.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Continuous Uptime: Monitor UPS systems in real-time to ensure uninterrupted power supply and proactive fault detection.

Scalability Support: Gain insights into power consumption and load balancing to scale UPS systems seamlessly as data centers expand.

Remote Management: Manage UPS systems remotely for efficient responses during critical events, minimizing downtime.

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