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Learn how Errigal’s tailored network performance monitoring solutions can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize operations across various industries.

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Explore Our Network Performance Monitoring Solutions By Industry



  • Harness Errigal’s telecommunications expertise for comprehensive network performance  monitoring
  • Achieve seamless integration and real-time insights for network optimization

Carriers/Tower Companies

  • Optimize tower lights, generators, and multi-vendor devices while enhancing equipment sharing
  • Efficiently manage device discovery, ticket creation, and configuration in a single dashboard

Utilities & Energy

  • Revolutionize energy and utility operations with advanced monitoring
  • Streamline power plant, HVAC system, and temperature control management

Data Centers

  • Enhance data center operations with advanced monitoring of power, HVAC, and security
  • Access live reports to monitor operational and performance metrics


  • Achieve tailored solutions for device-specific software and custom widgets
  • Enhance your company’s brand identity with visually pleasing modern interfaces

Smart Cities & Public Safety

  • Enable efficient management of ODAS, neutral host DAS, and fiber networks
  • Support public safety repeaters, Wi-Fi, and IoT device connectivity

Buildings, Private Network, Integrators

  • Leverage private LTE, CBRS, and neutral host DAS management
  • Streamline Wi-Fi, fiber network performance monitoring, and element management for buildings and integrators

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