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Streamline Network Operations: Errigal’s advanced network management solutions empower Building, Private Network, and Integrator professionals to streamline their network operations, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.


Optimize Performance with Confidence: With Errigal’s software at your disposal, you can optimize network performance, ensure security, and seamlessly integrate IoT devices to create smart, efficient environments with confidence and ease.

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Unified Network Management Solutions For Integrators and Private Networks

Our solutions optimize network performance, enhance security, and ensure seamless operations, making us the trusted partner for diverse network needs

Private LTE

Efficient Spectrum Utilization: Errigal’s network management software is designed to maximize the efficient use of spectrum resources within Private LTE networks. It employs advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring to ensure that spectrum is allocated optimally, reducing interference and enhancing network performance.

Security Enhancement: Security is a paramount concern in private networks. Errigal’s software includes robust security features, such as encryption, authentication, and access controls, to safeguard data and maintain network integrity. These security measures provide peace of mind to organizations relying on private LTE for their critical operations.

Interference Mitigation: Private LTE networks can face interference from various sources. Errigal’s software continuously monitors the network for signs of interference and takes proactive measures to mitigate it. This ensures that network users experience uninterrupted connectivity even in challenging radio environments.

Element Management

Unified Network Control: Building private networks often involve various network elements, from routers to switches and access points. Errigal’s software provides a unified platform to control and optimize these diverse elements. This centralized control simplifies network management and reduces operational complexity.

Resource Optimization: Smart data management and capacity planning are essential for efficient network operation. Errigal’s software offers advanced analytics and insights into resource utilization, enabling organizations to optimize resource allocation, reduce waste, and improve network performance.

Fault Detection and Resolution: Network issues can disrupt operations. Errigal’s software includes robust fault detection and resolution capabilities. It can rapidly identify network issues, such as device failures or connectivity problems, and initiate automated or manual actions to resolve them. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and ensures uninterrupted connectivity.

Fiber Networks

Monitoring and Maintenance: Fiber networks are critical for high-speed data transmission. Errigal’s software provides real-time monitoring and maintenance capabilities for fiber networks. It tracks the health and performance of optical links, detecting issues like signal degradation or cable damage promptly.

Performance Optimization: Maintaining optimal fiber network performance is essential. Errigal’s software includes advanced analytics to assess network performance and identify areas for improvement. By optimizing performance parameters, organizations can ensure reliable data transmission.

Troubleshooting Made Easy: Fiber network issues can be complex. Errigal’s software simplifies troubleshooting by providing intuitive tools for diagnosing and addressing problems. Technicians can quickly identify the source of issues and take corrective actions, minimizing network downtime.

Wifi Integration

Seamless Deployment: Deploying and managing Wi-Fi networks within building environments can be challenging. Errigal’s software streamlines this process, offering tools for effortless Wi-Fi deployment. It simplifies tasks like access point provisioning, channel assignment, and interference management.

Interference Management: Wi-Fi networks can suffer from interference, leading to connectivity issues. Errigal’s software includes interference detection and mitigation features. It can identify sources of interference and automatically adjust network settings to optimize performance.

IoT Compatibility: Building networks often incorporate IoT devices for smart building functionality. Errigal’s software is IoT-ready, making it easy to integrate and manage a variety of IoT devices. It provides centralized control over IoT endpoints, allowing organizations to harness the full potential of their smart building initiatives.

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