Smart Cities & Public Safety Network Solutions That Empower Urban Environments


Empowering Smart Cities: Discover how Errigal’s innovative solutions contribute to the development of smarter, more connected, and efficient urban environments.


Enhancing Public Safety: Learn how Errigal’s technologies play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of city residents through reliable communication systems and advanced monitoring.

Supporting Connectivity at Major Venues

Connecting Smart Cities: Enhancing Urban Living

Explore how Errigal’s advanced solutions empower smart cities and public safety with cutting-edge technology.

ODAS System

Network Optimization: Errigal’s software maximizes ODAS system performance, ensuring robust connectivity across urban landscapes.

Dynamic Capacity Planning: Efficiently allocate network resources to meet the ever-growing data needs of urban populations.

Resource Efficiency: Our software minimizes resource wastage, reducing operational costs.

Neutral Host DAS

Multi-Carrier Harmony: Errigal’s software facilitates seamless management of multiple carrier networks through a unified DAS infrastructure.

Scalable Solutions: Easily scale DAS networks to accommodate urban expansion and emerging connectivity demands.

Simplified Network Management: Streamline network operations for optimized urban connectivity.

Public Safety Repeaters

Reliable Communication: Errigal’s software ensures dependable radio communication systems for first responders.

Emergency Response Support: Effortlessly manage critical communication networks during emergency situations.

Coverage Enhancement: Our software optimizes signal coverage to guarantee consistent communication in urban areas.

Wi-Fi Networks

Seamless Public Connectivity: Errigal’s software enables efficient Wi-Fi hotspot deployment for residents and tourists.

Traffic Management: Utilize Wi-Fi networks for intelligent traffic control and data gathering.

IoT Integration: Seamlessly connect and manage a wide array of IoT devices for urban monitoring and optimization.

IoT Devices

Smart Urban Infrastructure: Our software facilitates real-time monitoring of urban infrastructure, enhancing city management.

Environmental Insights: Leverage IoT sensors for advanced environmental monitoring and data-driven decision-making.

Efficiency through Data: Harness IoT data to drive informed decisions for urban planning and resource allocation.

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