Tower Management Systems


Simplify the management of tower equipment, including lights, generators, and multi-vendor devices, while fostering collaborative access among equipment users


Improve operational efficiency with Errigal’s Tower Management Systems, offering fault management, automation, and real-time reporting for streamlined tower operations

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Effortless Tower Management

Errigal’s Tower Management Systems simplify your tower operations with essential tools:

Fault Management: Streamline alarm processing, ensuring no alarm goes unnoticed.

Discovery: Gain access to configuration and performance parameters on-demand.

Ticket Creation: Automate ticket generation based on alarms and customizable SLAs.

Dashboard: Achieve a holistic view of tower devices in a customizable dashboard.

Configuration Management: Maintain control over device parameters, with change tracking.

Reporting: Access live reports for operational and performance insights.

Enhanced Collaboration & Efficiency

Errigal’s Tower Management Systems simplify your tower operations with essential tools:

Multi-Vendor Support: Manage devices from various vendors easily.

Shared Equipment Access: Facilitate equipment sharing, optimizing resources.

SLA Compliance: Prevent missed alarms and clears, ensuring accurate metrics.

Configurable & User Friendly

Promote collaboration and efficiency among equipment users:

Customization: Tailor your tower management experience.

Efficiency and Convenience: Automate processes and reduce manual work.

Full Control: Maintain complete control over configurable device parameters.

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